How to Post on

So you've got an essay to share? Or a comment to make on one of our subs? And, strangely enough, there's no box to log in!

Yeah, well, I'm not responsible for any of that. You'll have to do all that from your own blog. If your blog is set up with Webmentions, then it's pretty simple:

  1. Write the essay or the comment out on your blog as an entry.
    (Your blog entry must be surrounded by class="h-entry".)
  2. Add a link in that blog entry to the sub you want to post to.
    (And that link must be marked class="u-syndication".)
  3. Publish the entry.

Your blog software should fire off the Webmention to and your post should show up on the sub you linked to.

Doing It With Style

Since you're going to have to link to the sub, why not make it look good? The simplest way of doing this is to just put the link at the end of your post like this:

This was also posted to /en/hottubs.

The code for this is:

Better yet, consider putting this link in with the blog entry details - wherever you put the time, number of comments, etc. for the entry.

You can only directly post to one sub! Whichever link is discovered first in your post is the one that will be used.

Links beyond the first are treated as cross-posting. You may crosspost to other subs if you like. Just keep in mind that most people will have cross-posting turned off. Etiquette

Well, this isn't just about good etiquette. You may run into our spam filter if you post to too many different subs or fire off too many Webmentions.

Subs will be less valuable if you treat them like hashtags. Rather than filling a post with hashtags that will fire off in all directions—which devalues the hashtag—you commit to a single sub. This increases the value of that sub because you're invested in using it.

Beyond a spam filter, has no tools for reporting links or domains. In a way, it operates more like a mailing list where anyone can post and we all end up driving each other crazy! (Really, the larger a community gets, the higher the chances are that someone in the group will drive you nuts.)

So please try to be polite, active without spamming, give the benefit of the doubt. And, failing that, write an extension yourself to killfile the scum. But, no, this is the Indieweb—here are the rules.

What If My Blog Doesn't Have Webmentions?

Well then you're going to need to submit your link by hand. Right here.

But, yeah, get Webmentions. This will get tiresome.

Why Is This All So CONVUHLUTED??

Wait, is that bad? Ok, yeah, it's bad. It's bad. It's fun? Yeah, of course it's fun. It's bad!

Think of it like this: all the work has been moved to your blog. Rather than to a social— sosh— a search engine or a soshulll— gluggluglug. I'm sorry my gag reflex is preventing me from finishing this paragraph!

The benefit is that people will read your posts on your actual blog. This could be nice for you!

What Do I Do If I Run Into a Problem?

I am working on a good answer to this!

How Long Will This Site Even Be Up?

Two years at least. That puts us at July 2020. If it's still quite useful at that time, I'll continue it.

I'm a Nerd—Anything Else Advanced That I Can Do?

For sure. If you want to trick out your user page, you'll need all of the following setup on your blog:

I don't know. You're the nerd. Nerd out on IndieWeb idealism!