How to Bookmark on

Okay, so this is Level Two in your training. Here's how to share a link to another blog. Don't worry if the link has already been posted. On, a reposted bookmark counts as a kind of upvote.

To do this, you post on your blog again. You still do a Webmention, but you also do an Indieweb Bookmark. The process is:

  1. Post the bookmark on your blog as a new blog entry.
    (And that link must be marked class="u-bookmark-of".)
  2. Include the sub link in the entry, as described in the How to Post.
  3. (The entry must be class="h-entry" with a link marked class="u-syndication".)
  4. Publish the entry.

Code for this is along the lines of:

The link itself will be posted to the sub. Not your blog entry or a link to your blog entry. You will still get credit for posting this on the sub. If someone else has already posted the link, the bookmark count of that link will tick up.

The same exact link cannot be double-posted. If you post a duplicate, it will be treated similar to a like or upvote.

Can I Use This to Link to Something That Doesn't Use Webmentions?

That's insane!! That's just what I was going to talk about!!

Many times you might want to share directly a PDF of some research or an image. Something you're not tracking Webmentions on.

Yeah, so. Use this same kind of bookmark!