What is Indieweb.xyz?

Indieweb.xyz is a syndication service—meaning you can notify us when you've posted on your blog and we'll link back to you. The whole thing is organized like Reddit into subs, which are topic-based (usually) collections of links.

The trick is: you may only post to one sub. (If you post to multiple subs, those additional posts are marked as crossposts, which no one sees by default.)

You can also use Indieweb.xyz to submit links from other places and to upvote links—both are accomplished through bookmarks.

What's Wrong With Just Using Reddit?

I realize I just made a Reddit comparison, but that only applies to the organization by sub.

Everything else is different:

There are massive advantages to Reddit: lots of users, wikis and moderation, and your stuff will likely live on there forever.

So do both. Share here and there.

What About Spam?

Well, yes. So—fighting spam requires an algorithm or a lot of manual work. Spam is an unsolved topic for now.

Thing is: the Modern Web has traded spam for clickbait. The algorithms are there to prevent spam. So spam has now figured out how to game the system.

On the bright side, there is no (and will be no) advertising here. So that's a start!

I Want to Read More!

Sure, sure. Settle down. There's a bit more.

Like these:

Please enjoy your stay!